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Martha Pam Mindy FacesTriLaVie® Triathlon and Runing is a training organization for women in Orange County, California providing an array of coached programs in swim, bike, run and race preparation. We welcome all levels of athletes!

What does TriLaVie® mean? In a general sense, TriLaVie means Life Through Triathlon. Keeping a balance in life and training, we use triathlon to enhance our fitness, vitality, social connections and confidence.  When is triathlon not really about triathlon at all?  Virtually always! It’s great to swim, bike and run our way to the finish line with a personal best effort! But, the lessons we learn about ourselves along the way and the strength we build inside ourselves to use in our everyday lives provides the greatest value. Come and TriLaVie with us!

welcomes the beginner triathlete and encourages her to train for an entry-level distance triathlon.  These Sprint triathlons are either in a pool or open water and comprise a 0.5 mile swim + 12 mile bike + 3 mile run, but some are less mileage!

TriLaVie® Intermediate triathletes and advanced triathletes train for Sprint triathlons as well as the endurance distances of Olympic or International (51.50 kilometers), Half Ironman (70.3 miles) and Ironman (140.6 miles)

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Fun Facts about TriLaVie® Members:

  • Athletes are all levels, fitness, shapes and sizes!
  • Average age is 48
  • Age ranges between 18 and 74
  • 98% of new members have never done a triathlon
  • 82% admit upon registration that they can’t swim well – or at all.
  • 78% do not have a bike when they start
  • 100% admit they can probably walk the run portion of the race and smile at the finish!

Why join TriLaVie?

TriLaVie triathlon coaching focuses on skill-building in the sports of swim, bike and run.  We teach you the basics as well as advanced techniques using best-practices and safe strategies for various athletic levels.

TriLaVie coaching prepares you to complete a race successfully feeling well prepared and confident.

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TriLaVie® professional coaches set us apart and you’ll notice the dedication we invest in your success.

TriLaVie® coaches are triathlon experts as well as active competitors.  Our coaches engage in full-time efforts toward health and fitness as a profession. TriLaVie® coaches are highly qualified and certified to share the best-practices of triathlon racing today. Most importantly, TriLaVie® coaches are passionate educators who want to bring YOU to YOUR potential.  That’s their true specialty

TriLaVie does not engage in sponsorships from individuals or companies, nor do we accept referral fees or quid-pro-quo exchanges of value.  In other words, we don’t accept money or in-kind valuables to promote any product or person.  Why? Integrity.  We provide coaching based on sound principles and belief in quality, proven products.  We don’t ever want you to wonder if our advice is tainted by a financial consideration.  YOU pay us for our expertise.  Period.
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It takes a village to raise a triathlete! TriLaVie® Triathlon Training is enhanced by expert partners who provide support on many levels. From equipment purchases and maintenance to nutrition, massages, performance training, injury prevention and physical therapy, TriLaVie has an extensive network of professionals with integrity.  TriLaVie team members provide their seal of approval so you know you are getting the right service from the best person.

TriLaVie is the largest triathlon training team in Orange County, CA with more than 300 athletes engaging in our programs throughout the year.  Group training emphasizes safety first, accountability to each other, and exploration with diverse training partners.  Our workout groupings are large enough to be fun and challenging but small enough to get the personalized attention you require.
TriLaVie was founded in 2009 but existed as a training team of women since 2007. Each year the team has grown in numbers, ages, diversity of athletes and accomplishments.  From 1st timers to seasoned triathletes, TriLaVie women range in age from 18-74.  In 2013, our TriLaVie Team’s average age was 48!

Thank you for visiting our website and spending time getting to know TriLaVie.

We’d like to get to know you, too and hope you join us.

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