Dinara Shalhoup

Swim Coach and Water Safety Guard

Dinara is a natural swimmer who loves the water and encourages everyone else to love it too!  She provides open water swim safety supervision for TriLaVie and inspires each woman to succeed to the finish.  In addition to being a competitive swimmer in the pool, Dinara was a Jr. Lifeguard at Lake Mission Viejo where she was a member of the Elite JGs who supervised the younger participants.  She received several awards including LMVA Jr. Lifeguard of the Year, Southern California Jr. Lifeguard of the Year and Most Inspirational Jr. Lifeguard.  Dinara is Captain of the Water Polo Team and a member of the Swim Team at Santa Margarita Catholic High School where she was honored 2 years in a row with both Coaches Awards and as her team’s Most Inspirational Member.

Dinara competes in triathlons and open water races, recently qualifying for United States of America Triathlon (USAT) National Triathlon Competition in 2013.

Dinara is always willing to be the swimmer in a triathlon relay, too!