Jim Lubinski


Personal, Performance, Run - Marathon, Competitive


Coaching Specialties: Personal, Performance, Run – Marathon, Competitive

Certifications: USAT, Ironman University, Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement

Coach Jim Lubinski came to the sport of triathlon in 2005 after a long and successful career as a Division 1/Professional Ice Hockey Player. Over the next few years Jim used the knowledge he had gained through the years of ice hockey to refine his approach to the sport of triathlon. In 2009, Jim qualified to become a Professional Triathlete. That same year, Jim also earned his coaching credentials through USA Triathlon and earned his N.A.S.M Certification making him a certified strength coach/personal trainer and since has earned specializations in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement. These certifications, along with the Ironman University Certification, give Coach Jim a strong base of knowledge and education to use in his coaching, although, Jim finds his personal experience in training and racing as well as the experience he has had coaching hundreds of athletes in endurance sport to be a main factor in the style he uses to get the most of each individual athlete. Jim stresses open communication, a structured/periodized approach, and a strong emphasis on strength work both in and out of the swim, bike, run environment to help the athlete get faster, but more importantly, stay injury free.