Lisa Nickell


TriLaVie CEO, Owner, TriLaVie Athlete since 2008


TriLaVie CEO, Owner, TriLaVie Athlete since 2008

I was asked 8 years ago to do a triathlon and join this emerging all-women’s triathlon team. Little did I know this was the beginning of an amazing, life-transforming experience that would enrich my life in all ways. I started as a short distance runner and hadn’t ridden a bike in about 20 years! Swimming was definitely going to be the challenge… I basically hadn’t swam laps before… ever!!

Once I completed my first sprint triathlon in Las Vegas at IronGirl, I was hooked!! I felt as though I could do anything!! As the years went by, it was very obvious to me that TriLaVie was a special organization. Not only was there excellent coaching, but, the members of TriLaVie were clearly a special group of amazing women. It is the most non- judgmental, supportive and wonderful group of women in “Orange County” you will ever meet…Oh, and yes, train for triathlons!

From being a TriLaVie athlete, volunteer and mentor, I now have the opportunity to lead this team and I feel it is a tremendous honor, both humbling and exciting. This team provided such an amazing foundation for me to grow as an athlete and train with women who I now call my friends. Priceless….

Memorable highlights:

1. One of the best moments of my racing career was running at sub 29 minute 5K at the Laguna Niguel Memorial Day Race.

2. 2nd was racing the Esprit de She Triathlon with my 8-year-old daughter Bennett. It was her first triathlon and she killed it in the swim…. ended up leaving me behind because I was too slow!!

3. 3rd and most recent… Was completing Ironman Arizona last November. It truly was the best race I have had. It was amazing to feel this great after the longest distance I had ever attempted. I felt amazing!!!

As the CEO and leader of TriLaVie now, I have some goals and priorities to enhance the team experience:

3 things that you are going to do to make TLV a better team!

· Grow! I want to continue to grow the team in a manner that grows with the women on the team. For example: Performance training. Because many of the women on our team have been with TriLaVie and raced for several years, they are looking to take themselves to the next level within the distances they have already successfully completed.

· Diversify! Provide different types of training experiences. For example, provide Destination Training Camps to concentrate on a specific sport ( cycling) for Grand Fondos and Centuries. May even allow the men folk to join us. 🙂

· Expand! I would like to be able to offer women who are not within the OC Bubble to be able to experience TLV therefore possibly online training programs for women in Northern CA or even out of state.

· Design! Create more options for TriLaVie apparel, triathlon gear as well as after-workout and casual wear.

A little more about me:

I grew up in Palos Verdes and now live in Ladera Ranch with my family, including my children: Reese a Junior at Tesoro HS, on JV baseball team for Tesor0, Tage a Freshman at Tesoro, plays club soccer for West Coast, Bennett 6th grade at Ladera Ranch Middle School, high dives for Crown Valley Divers.

I graduated from USC with a BS in Business Administration and an emphasis on Management and Organization. One of my educational highlights is when I attended an intensive Japanese school in Tokyo, Japan for a year.

I will continue to train with TriLaVie by your side and race with the team and my family. I am looking forward to all the new adventures to come!