Tracie Pedroza


New Triathletes, Group, Race Preparation


Coaching Specialties: New Triathletes, Group, Race Preparation

Certifications: USA Triathlon Level I

Coach Tracie began her triathlon training as an athlete on Team TriLaVie in 2007. From an athletic background, Tracie leveraged her competitive spirit and discipline into swim, bike and run and fell in love with triathlon. She was an accomplished runner, but swim and bike were completely new sports for her. 10 years later, she has competed in all distances of triathlon including Ironman – 2 times. Tracie is focused on sharing her knowledge and compassion for the newbie triathlete so they may have the same positive experience in TriLaVie as she enjoys.

Coach Tracie always enjoyed some form of fitness from a very young age. As a child, she developed a passion for strength and competition through gymnastics. She looked forward to the daily commitment required to build on each training day. The mental toughness that she gained through gymnastics is priceless and it fueled her desire to remain strong and to seek out physical goals that seem impossible. As a young adult, she enjoyed skiing, weight lifting and running. Coach Tracie managed a co-ed softball team and a men’s basketball team. She ran for the love of running and did her first 5k race in my late twenties. Six months later she completed a half-marathon and the following week a full marathon. If you are following closely…. you are right! She ran her first 13.1 mile race the week before her first 26.2 mile race. This may not have been the smartest idea but it fueled her desire for more. That was when the idea of a triathlon was born but the fear of swimming kept her from realizing this dream for several years.

It was not until her 40th birthday was approaching that she finally decided to quit making excuses and go for it. After researching online, she found a team that would start her on the path to where she is today. Coach Tracie is now a 2 x Ironman and owe this to my TriLaVie coaches and for each of the women who accepted the same challenge for themselves. This team serves a greater purpose one that she fully and whole-heartedly support. Along with the support of my wonderful husband, my fur-baby Gizmo and my love for being outdoors, she is extremely excited to go on this journey with all of you.

Coach Tracie believes there is unrealized potential and a champion in each of us and with the help and support of each other, our dreams can become a reality.