What do we do when we train?


Each training session is led by a professional coach and comprised of a learning component, triathlon training, stretching/strength/yoga and socializing (when the coach allows it…!) We train by time or distance and each person challenges themselves within that parameter. TriLaVie® is a goal-oriented program. Sessions are carefully structured to build strong triathlon skills safely. TriLaVie® Team Training for Triathlon™ addresses goals for all athletic levels with expert coaching.

During your TriLaVie® training program, you’ll build skills in each sport, you’ll develop competency in the sport, and you’ll challenge yourself to improve your speed and distance. TriLaVie® Team Training for Triathlon™ programs include mock triathlons, transition training (the 4th discipline of triathlon) and open water training in the lake, bay and ocean.

Professional guest speakers address issues such as nutrition, mental training, athlete self-care, equipment maintenance, tire changing, and did we mention nutrition? Inspirational speakers and professional triathletes motivate us to bring energy and balance to the sport of triathlon and to life.