The desire to complete a triathlon or running race. The discipline to complete 2-4 trainings on your own or with team members each week in addition to the TriLaVie® team sessions. You need an open mind to learn new skills and the willingness to move outside your comfort zone to reap the benefits.  Most importantly, you want to enjoy the company of other women who have the same goals!

Let TriLaVie® bring you to a finish line victory!

Download the equipment list on the TLV Shop page.

As a beginner, you need a bike – not a fancy bike, not a triathlon bike – but a bike in good working order with gears.

Equipment can be expensive and TriLaVie® coaches like to guide you to the best choices so you don’t over-buy! Ask around and borrow to start.  You’d be surprised how many friends or neighbors have something for triathlon to lend. Use the TriLaVie® recommended professionals and shops.  TriLaVie® does NOT receive sponsorship or referral fees for any of our recommendations.  We partner with professionals who we believe have the highest integrity and are experts in their fields.

Yes!  Lots of them… or one of them.  Your choice.  The team will generally prepare for a few races each season, and you may choose which ones you’d like to join. See the Race Calendar for a complete schedule of races.  Choosing a race goal is an important way to stay focused and motivated.  There is NOTHING like the feeling of crossing a finish line! WOW!

Each race distance has it’s own timeline and training plan.  See the Tri Programs page for details. TriLaVie® team members join organized, coached trainings one (1) or two (2) times weekly from 1.5-4 hours each. Our triathlon team sessions are generally on Wednesdays (10am & 6:30pm) and Sundays (7am-10am) with some modifications for racing and special events.  Additional sessions are added each training cycle to accommodate race preparation and various athlete goals.  Extra open water swims are offered weekly throughout the season. You will get maximum value from the team participation if you prioritize Sundays!

Comprehensive training plans are provided weekly and customized to fit your race goals and athletic level.  Each independent training session can last from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending upon goals and experience.

We vary the trainings each week at premier local facilities, pools and outdoor public locations that are safe, beautiful and appropriate for our goals. Training sessions will include indoor and outdoor cycling, tracks and trails, heated pools, lakes and ocean swims. The training schedule and locations are posted in the member-access area of the website with specific directions.

Orange County locations include: Irvine, Tustin, Orange, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Aliso Viejo, Yorba Linda, Newport, Huntington and Laguna Beaches.

New triathletes cycle on closed courses that are paved and safe. Advanced cyclists join open road rides around the county. The varied locations are the favorite part of the team. You’ll love expanding your horizons!

TriLaVie® members are all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. We honor this variety with different starting times or different training goals within the same time frame.  At each training, there are women who are brand new to athletics and those who are striving for podium finishes.  You’d be surprised how much we have in common.  We are all working toward realizing our own potential.

Yes! Very few women who join TriLaVie® have ever had formal swim training. We begin in the pool with sessions that address form, technique, endurance and speed.  We graduate you into the lake and onto the ocean.  Our sessions accommodate all levels of water-safe basic swimmers with small-group coaching, supported open-water swims, and a strong buddy system for training.  Each water session is created with your safety and success in mind.  We use a generous ratio of coaches-to-swimmers, certified lifeguards, and swim angels. If you are a true beginner swimmer who is unfamiliar with basic strokes or has a fear of the water, we recommend a personal coaching session or small group lessons to get you started.  This will be a great investment to start you off with a stronger foundation.  For swim programs, see the Swim Velocity Website or contact Lisa.

Each training session is led by a professional coach and comprised of a learning component, triathlon training, stretching/strength/yoga and socializing (when the coach allows it…!) We train by time or distance and each person challenges themselves within that parameter. TriLaVie® is a goal-oriented program. Sessions are carefully structured to build strong triathlon skills safely. TriLaVie® Team Training for Triathlon™ addresses goals for all athletic levels with expert coaching.

During your TriLaVie® training program, you’ll build skills in each sport, you’ll develop competency in the sport, and you’ll challenge yourself to improve your speed and distance. TriLaVie® Team Training for Triathlon™ programs include mock triathlons, transition training (the 4th discipline of triathlon) and open water training in the lake, bay and ocean.

Professional guest speakers address issues such as nutrition, mental training, athlete self-care, equipment maintenance, tire changing, and did we mention nutrition? Inspirational speakers and professional triathletes motivate us to bring energy and balance to the sport of triathlon and to life.

We offer a risk-free enrollment policy.  If TriLaVie®is not the right fit for you, we guarantee a pro-rated refund for any reason at any time.

TriLaVie provides several ways for you to get to know us and the team.  We have public events, orientation days and information sessions.  We recommend you attend a TriLaVie® information session prior to the start of the program. The coaches will review the program in detail and answer all your questions. TriLaVie® offers pre-season equipment reviews, clinics and an orientation day. At the beginning of each season you are welcome to try a training session for free.  Come experience the coaches and team in action before you decide. (see our events page).  You may also download and fill out our application form for review.  It’s a great way to share all the great things about you and what’s motivating you to train for a triathlon at this time.  E-mail the form to a coach and we’ll contact you to discuss any questions you may have.  We’d love to hear from you!

TriLaVie® is Southern California’s premier triathlon and run training program for women offering local team training in Orange County, CA. TriLaVie® provides high-quality programs to prepare you for the best race experience of your life. Whether you are new to triathlon and running or competing for your personal best, TriLaVie® gets you to your goal.  TriLaVie® provides training for all levels including the beginner, intermediate and advanced triathletes.  We specialize in creating supportive programs for women at all athletic levels. With the combination of professional coaching, high-energy group training and detailed training plans, you’ll find success regardless of your athletic experience.  Many women who join TriLaVie® have never raced.  TriLaVie’s skill-based trainings will introduce you to the fundamentals of each sport and challenge you as you prepare for each race. Best of all, you’ll surprise yourself in ways that are unimaginable right now.