TriLaVie Swim – also known as Swim Velocity,  was founded by Coach Martha Szufnarowski to meet the needs of men and women adult swimmers preparing for triathlon competitions. Utilizing pools, lakes and the ocean, TriLaVie Swim/Swim Velocity is geared to all levels of adult swimmers providing group training, personal coaching, clinics and lessons throughout the year at local venues.

“ I’d love to do a triathlon, but I can’t swim! ”

At TriLaVie Swim/SwimVelocity, we hear this all the time and know how you feel. You can swim…sort of… but you can’t do continuous laps with any great skill. Perhaps you have enjoyed the ocean for play, but haven’t done any distance swimming. Somehow, you are lured by the challenge and excitement of triathlon. We are here to help.

For the most up-to-date swim offerings year-round, please see our calendar:


Swim Velocity: Group Training for Triathlon Preparation (Open to Adult Men and Women)

  • Coached, group swims with a variety of training to support different triathlon distance goals.
  • Multiple sessions weekly offered at various times from before sunrise to after sunset.
  • TriLaVie Swim/Swim Velocity coached sessions focus on interval training mixed with drills for skill development.
  • The ultimate goal is to improve your fitness, swim skills, endurance and speed.SV_email template-2011
  • Train for a particular race or just enjoy the group experience to keep you motivated and inspired.
  • TriLaVie Swim/Swim Velocity Group programs are offered throughout the year at various locations.

To Register for our current TriLaVie Swim/Swim Velocity Program, it is easiest to go to the calendar and look for the Group Swim option in purple.  It will lead you to all the details about our latest offering.

  • See our Calendar or Upcoming Swim Events (below) for program details and registration.

Personal Coaching (Open to All)

  • One-on-One training with a coach who will work with you personally to develop or correct your form, technique, endurance and speed.
  • Training plans personalized to meet your goals for fitness or competitions .
  • To schedule personal coaching, we invite you to tell us about yourself and your goals on our brief Athlete Questionnaire! Submit the form and a coach will contact you shortly to review your options. We’d love to hear from you!

Clinics and Lessons (Open to Adult Men and Women)

  • TriLaVie Swim clinics and lessons are conducted at pools, lakes and the ocean throughout the year for triathlon preparation.
  • Expert coaches, lifeguards and swim support-specialists conduct clinics on a wide-range of topics including basic swim skills, open water swimming, triathlon swim clinics for beginners and race-preparation events for all levels.
  • TriLaVie Swim Clinics and Lessons are offered throughout the year. Please check our Calendar for options.
  • Join Our Mailing List to receive invitations to upcoming clinics and programs.


At TriLaVie Swim, we think everyone can enjoy swimming for triathlon and beyond. Swimming is a sport you can enjoy for a lifetime. It is perfect cross-training and uses most every muscle in the body. Once you learn to swim well, you can modify your swims for gentle recovery or high-intensity fitness training. Living in Southern California, there are hundreds of pools and gorgeous beaches where we swim year-round. What a treasure! Take advantage of the pristine open water options and explore a whole new world of local, low-cost, lifetime fun for yourself.

TriLaVie Swim athletes train for a wide-range of competitions in addition to triathlons such as open water events and swim meets. The swim is a component of an exciting new field of multi-sport events such as Aquathlons (swim + run) Ocean Festivals (sand run + swim + paddle board + surf!), rough water swims in exotic locations and so much more!


PoolGroupSwimTriLaVie Swim coaches utilize specialized techniques to meet the unique needs of adult swimmers. Most of our swimmers are highly motivated but require basic skills to improve swimming style and endurance. Our coaches focus on personalized programs of instruction and drills to bring about the most improvement in performance in a short time. Through a combination of breathing, form and endurance training techniques, swimmers progress quickly toward their goals. TriLaVie Swim coaches are certified lifeguards, swim instructors and coaches with current CPR/First Aid training. TriLaVie Swim holds accreditations from the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), US Masters Swimming Association (USMA), United States of America Triathlon (USAT) and the American Red Cross (ARC).


TriLaVie Swim programs are offered at various locations including local pools, lakes, bays and surf-lined beaches. The open water swim locations are chosen to meet the goals of the athletes depending upon the type of event you choose. There is a perfect swim location for each level of swimmer in Orange County.


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Coached Pool Swims for Triathlon: Small Group Swim Training for men and women includes freestyle swim development led by a professional swim coach.  Focus on building distance and endurance through interval sets at variable intensities.  We accommodate athletes training for sprint - Ironman race distances. Not interested in triathlons but would like to keep your competitive juices flowing... how about a swim meet?  This year Swim Velocity members will have the opportunity to complete in swim meets.  Whether you are training for a competition or just staying fit, we welcome you!

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