TriLaVie Advanced Triathletes are women of variable speeds, strength and experiences in triathlon.

Advanced TriLaVie Triathletes have completed triathlons at all distances. Some are short course specialists and race at the sprint level, some favor the mid-length Olympic/International distance and some love the endurance challenges of a half or full ironman.  What distinguishes the advanced triathlete is time in the sport and dedication to excellence at their chosen race goal.

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Denise ITU World TriathlonYou are an Advanced Level Triathlete with Team TriLaVie if you:

  • Completed 3 or more years in the sport and have been competing for the past year
  • Swim regularly in pools and can swim independently in open water
  • Cycle on the open roads with confidence and good bike handling skills
  • Experience solitary training as a self-motivated athlete
  • Run for 3-10 miles on a regular basis
  • Possess the endurance to perform each sport for more than an hour
  • Desire to become more focused and competitive at your chosen race goal
  • Experience increased performance (ie speed, endurance, strength) with each season
  • Seek podium or top-level finishes in your age-group

Advanced Level Triathletes with Team TriLaVie have a competence at their chosen distance and an expectation of improved speed and racing performance.  Some women are seeking podium and top 10 finishes while others are striving for personal best accomplishments with each race.  Coaching at this level is weighted heavily toward each athlete’s performance improvements throughout the season and race finishes.

Skills and Abilities of Advanced Level Triathletes with Team TriLaVie

You are a competitive athlete.  You want to be tested and held accountable.  You bring 100% to each training and race and are highly independent. Tracking your training via data collection is imperative (garmin, power meter, heart rate monitor, etc.).  Additionally,  please consider the guidelines below.

tri-la-vie swim Swim – Pool

  • Can complete 2500+ yds of freestyle pool training in about 1 hour
  • Can complete a challenging interval training with multiple repetitions from 25-500 yds
  • Can regulate rhythmic, bilateral breathing (relaxed and from both sides)
  • Demonstrates basic good form: buoyant body position, efficient pull, productive kick
  • Performs pool trials of ½ mile in less than 15 minutes, 1 mile in less than 35 minutes

tri-la-vie swim Swim – Open Water

  • Comfortable open water swimmer in a lake or calm ocean water for more than 1 hour
  • Utilizes wetsuit regularly for swims in open water, but can do fresh water swims without it
  • Mastery over any panic or discomfort associated with race starts or group swims


  • Utilizes road or triathlon bike
  • Basic understanding of bike maintenance and tire changing
  • Can cycle on all open roads with proper attention to group rules and bike laws
  • Cycles alone on open roads as necessary to complete training goals
  • Rides comfortably for at least 1 hour at a speeds between 16-22mph
  • Bike handling skills include turns, going downhill safely and standing steady on uphills
  • Aero-bars, cadence data and mph regularly utilized
  • OPTIONAL: Power meter

tri-la-vie_small-icon-run Run

  • Competes in 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Marathon races
  • Runs consistently for 3+ miles , but can go longer to meet goals
  • Utilizes basic equipment such as good running shoes, water carriers and fuelling systems
  • Performs speed work on regular basis on track or treadmill
  • Open to run/walk strategy to improve speed and endurance

 Fueling and Nutrition

  • Advanced understanding of sports performance products such as carbohydrate drinks, electrolyte supplementation and the integration of caffeine and protein into training
  • Integrates changes in fueling plans depending upon distance and speed of training
  • Open to refining fuel usage to improve performance
  • Experimenting with nutrition and hydration changes for improved overall health


Coaching and Training Focus for Advanced TriLaVie Triathletes

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Coaching and training for the Advanced TriLaVie triathlete focuses on a combination of skill development, endurance building, speed training, and performance results  Most athletes at this level are repeating races and seeking new venues to challenge themselves.  Coaching will address improving personal performance as well as status in age-group.  Logging and sharing training data with coach is required.

Race Goals for Advanced TriLaVie Triathletes

Race goals range from sprint to ironman. While most racers will be repeating triathlons, some will be venturing into newer venues and longer challenges.  If your goal is to increase your distance in a race, you must complete at least 3 triathlons at a lower distance in the same season.  For instance, if you are an advanced triathlete looking to complete a half ironman (70.3) race, you’ll choose at least 2 olympic and 1 sprint distance triathlon as part of your training plan.  TriLaVie team races offer all distances throughout the year, but many athletes add races to their line-up for various reasons.  If you want to be competitive at the sprint distance, you’ll choose an “A” race that is your focus for the sprint triathlon training season.  All training and racing will support that main goal.  Not all races can be “A” races!  Racing is a great way to test the training process.