TriLaVie Team Triathlon Training for Women is perfect for beginners!

Most women who join TriLaVie have never done a triathlon before.

The members of the team have different athletic experiences and are all shapes, sizes and abilities.

While each woman comes to TriLaVie from a different background, most do not have formal, athletic training and have never trained with a team as an adult.

Healthy women who can walk or run for 20 minutes, bike for 30 minutes and swim safely in deep water are encouraged to train for a triathlon with TriLaVie.  In 8-12 weeks, most women complete their first race and the rest is history!

Triathlon Racers Sprint and Olympic Bonelli Park

Who are the typical TriLaVie beginners?

  • Couch potatoes ready to get in shape
  • De-conditioned athletes (out of shape!)
  • Runners looking for a new challenge
  • Runners who are tired of getting injured
  • Women about to celebrate a “big” birthday 30, 40, 50!
  • Bucket-list seekers
  • Fitness enthusiasts bored with their gym routine
  • Strong women who want to do a triathlon and do it WELL!

Can I really do a triathlon?

Here are some guidelines to think about:

  • You are healthy and injure-free
  • You can walk, run or do a combination for 20 minutes
  • You know how to ride a basic bike with good balance and confidence for 30 minutes
  • You are water-safe and can swim independently in a pool for 20 minutes, even with poor form
  • You have the time to devote to training – 6-10 hours each week
  • You have the desire to complete a triathlon
  • You want proper coaching and education to train well
  • You want to join a group of women with similar goals and aspirations
  • You want to feel great coming across the finish line!

tri-la-vie swimDo I need to be a good swimmer?

Most TriLaVie beginner triathletes are not particularly good swimmers.  Some can barely make it across the pool while others can muscle their way for a while but it isn’t pretty.  Very few have open water swim experience.  TriLaVie introduces you to great swim skills including breathing techniques, form and endurance building.  The biggest surprise to women who join TriLaVie is the fact that they learn to LOVE swimming.  It becomes their favorite sport and they did not expect that.  In the OC, we have the best beaches for open water swimming.  Come learn how to enjoy them!

What kind of bike do I need?

If you can ride a bike – any bike – you can do a triathlon.  Entry-level triathlons feature bike rides that are typically 9-12 miles long.  That’s doable for most of us even on a beach cruiser!  Of course there are fancy-pants triathlon-style bikes that are sleek, but you don’t need one of those to start.  Most of us borrow a bike in working order with a few gears for our first triathlon.  TriLaVie partners rent them as well.  At first, TriLaVie bike training occurs on paved paths with no cars.  You are welcome to ride on the road as your comfort level grows.  TriLaVie beginners discover amazing bike paths through OC for a lifetime of fun riding.

tri-la-vie_small-icon-runHow do I get started?

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