Become an Ironman Book CoverTriLaVie® Ironman Training Program (TLV-IM)

TLV-IM is a comprehensive program including:

  • Individualized Coaching with Cherie Gruenfeld
  • TriLaVie® Triathlon Team Membership

TLV-IM Overview

TriLaVie’s unique Ironman Training program combines the best of personal coaching with the support of coached group training sessions to keep you motivated and accountable. While the Ironman Training Plan is designed specifically for each individual athlete, you’ll have access to the full range of TriLaVie® triathlon coaching, professionals, scheduled training sessions and a wide variety of training partners on the team. The Ironman journey will challenge you on all levels.  The TriLaVie® Ironman Training Program insures you are always moving forward to meet or exceed your personal goals. Completing an Ironman is the thrill of a lifetime.  Let TriLaVie® get you to a finish line victory!

Cherie Bike Ironman Oceanside

Individualized Coaching with Cherie Gruenfeld

TLV-IM athletes will have the privilege of being coached individually by Cherie. You’ll receive a comprehensive personal ironman triathlon training plan developed just for you after a thorough consultation to assess your athletic history, life schedule, goals and aspirations.

The coaching from Cherie also includes:

  • Unlimited e-mail and phone contact
  • Continuous evaluation and modifications of your plan as necessary
  • Training Peaks Online Journal and/or detailed spreadsheet with workouts
  • Data collection and analysis with state-of-the–art computer journal
  • All aspects of Ironman training and preparation are addressed including equipment, nutrition and race preparation
  • Pre-Ironman seasonal race schedule personalized for your goals and desires
  • Race Day Preparation Plan – individualized strategy for race execution including pacing, fueling, transitions, mental preparedness, envisioning race mechanics, confronting obstacles and more

TriLaVie® Triathlon Team Membership

  • Skill-based coaching in swim-bike-run-transition-race preparation by TriLaVie coaches
  • Access to team coached group training sessions (2-4 sessions weekly)
    Cherie at Ironman World Championships 2013
  • Open water swims with team (lake and ocean) supported by lifeguards
  • Group bike rides and runs supported by TriLaVie® team and coaches
  • Access to training partners who may do IM distances with you
  • Unlimited support from TriLaVie® team mentors, volunteers and “TriAngels.”
  • Professional cycling support and maintenance at group trainings
  • Athlete group meetings to review training progress and share experiences
  • Q&As with Ironmen and Ironwomen who have done your race
  • TriLaVie® team race experience at seasonal races leading to Ironman
  • Full TriLaVie® coach and team support at Vineman and Ironman Arizona events
  • Social events, awards celebrations, team parties
  • Access to member-only website and online forum moderated by coaches
  • TriLaVie® Training Shirt
  • Discounts with TriLaVie® Partners and Providers:  nutrition, triathlon gear, physical therapy, athlete wellness, bike fits, race entries, etc.

TLV-IM Registration

  • Registration is on-going to meet your race preparation needs.
  • Begin when you are ready, end at anytime.
  • First and last month fees due prior to starting.
  • Initial payment may be paid during registration.
  • Automatic payments via credit card begin in the 2nd month.
  • Option to pay via check monthly or in a lump sum.
  • Pre-registration consultation is free.
  • $225/monthly includes personal coaching, TriLaVie Team Membership and unlimited contact with Cherie.

For more information, contact:

Pool Swim Rancho Santa Margarita Swim Velocity Team Membership Option (additional fee)

  • Swim Velocity
  • Coached group swim program for adults
  • Weekly sessions to meet your IM scheduling needs
  • Swim instruction for Ironman-specific training
  • IM endurance swim sessions year-round
  • Open water swim clinics at lakes and oceans April-Nov

TLV-IM Fee Based Options (additional fees for services)

  • Basic Fueling for Maximum Performance
  • Video Swim Analysis
  • Indoor Cycling Classes
  • For more information, see website tabs or contact Martha
  • Subscribe for automatic billing of TLV Ironman Training fees of $225.00 per month