{ Triathlon Training for Women: Swim, Bike, Run ~ All Levels Welcome! }

Welcome To TriLaVie!

TriLaVie Triathlon & Running for women is the largest multi-sport training team in Orange County, CA  welcoming athletes of all abilities. Our Swim Velocity program and Trail Run programs welcome women and men.

Our Triathlon Training Program Continues for Summer !

Join in any time for Swim Velocity and the Trail Running Program!  A great way to enhance your training and fitness all year long!



Training is always more fun with a group!





Triathlon Team Registration:  Open Now!  Choose your triathlon program and get this journey started. It will change your life!


Coached Pool Swims for Triathlon: Small Group Swim Training for men and women includes freestyle swim development led by a professional swim coach.  Focus on building distance and endurance through interval sets at variable intensities.  We accommodate athletes training for sprint - Ironman race distances. Not interested in triathlons but would like to keep your competitive juices flowing... how about a swim meet?  This year Swim Velocity members will have the opportunity to complete in swim meets.  Whether you are training for a competition or just staying fit, we welcome you!


Indoor Cycling and Core Strength Training. Join us for an AMAZING training on spin bikes including  strength marker sets and stretching. Superior training for triathlon, cycling and general fitness.



Come join us for swim training and recovery - Skills and Drills! If you would like to run beforehand or after ( daylight permitting) you have this option along Oso Parkway. It is a great path part asphalt and part packed earth trail.


  • Run - Along Oso Parkway before swim workout (Optional).
  • 6:45 pm Pool Swim Preparation
  • 7:00 pm In the water with warm-up, skills and drills
  • Designated TLV Swim Set Workout option
  • 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm Spa, shower and lounging option or Run 🙂

NOTE:  Nellie Gail Ranch Association is a private facility rented for the use of TLV and Swim Velocity training.  Please enter through clubhouse and mention that you are with TriLaVie.


  • Swim suit, goggles, cap, buoy, fins and water to drink
  • Towels for swim and showering
  • Run gear if you want to use the path adjacent to Oso Parkway beforehand.

Facility Usage:  You are welcome to use the locker room facility with warm showers as well as the spa/hot tub near the pool.  You can lounge on the outside deck area while the club is open.  Please do NOT use the indoor meeting room.  It is for Nellie Gail Ranch Members only.